1. Personalise your password

Personalise your password to log in safely and efficiently. Click your name in the top right corner and choose "change password" in the menu.


2. Fill out your company information

Navigate to "Preferences", then to "Company info" and choose "Department". All your company information goes here.


3. Add colleagues

It's no fun being lonely. So start expanding Teamleader by adding your colleagues! Read the How To for more information.


4. Synchronise with your calendar

Never forget a meeting again! Just synchronise Teamleader with any external calendar you already use.


5. Import contacts and companies

Adding existing contacts and companies to Teamleader? Easy peasy!


6. Sign your outgoing emails

Why not provide a standard signature for every email you send? Want to send invoices and quotations from your own domain name? Way to go!


7. Track your emails

Save your incoming and outgoing email directly to the right contact or company. 


8. Watch our webinars

And get to know Teamleader inside out!


9. Expand Teamleader

With one of our many handy integrations.


10. Go mobile with Teamleader

Our mobile app gives you access to all your contact information wherever you go. Managing contacts, tracking calls, planning tasks and meetings - you can do it all!