Are you a startup looking for tools to support your business?

Teamleader wants to help you out. Apply for our startup program and use our all-in-one software for CRM, invoicing and project management, at a massive discount. Manage leads projects and invoices in one, simple tool. And did we mention you can connect your favourite tools through the Teamleader Marketplace?

Benefits for you

Focus on growing your business with Teamleader
Focus on growing your business

Reduce your administrative workload and focus on your strategy and core activities. Automate tasks like creating and sending quotations or invoices, and keep close track of all your leads and customers using Teamleader’s CRM.

Teamleader Expertise

Teamleader wants to help your business succeed. We know all the struggles that come with the startup phase - we’ve been there ourselves not so long ago, and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. We’d like to share them with you at our startup events!

Exclusive discount

The first years are hard for a startup, especially financially. To help you through those murky waters, we’ll give you a 50% discount on your first yearly invoice.


What Teamleader’s all about

CRM & lead management

Follow up on contacts, customers and suppliers easily. Fetch personal details from LinkedIn, your website or with a company’s VAT number and personalise your communication using advanced segmentation or email marketing possibilities. Keep track of your sales pipeline and reach your goals.

Quotations & invoicing

Allow leads approve quotations online and convert them into invoices. Manage the status of each invoice effortlessly in your own accounting tool or in Teamleader. Set up automatically recurring invoices and customise them to match your company style.

Connection with other tools

Connect Teamleader to your favourite business tools: set up successful email campaigns with MailChimp, check up on your invoices in Exact Online, or sync your Google calendar. Check out our Marketplace for a full overview of all integrations.


Am I elegible?

You're elegible when...

  • Your company was founded less than 3 years ago
  • You have a revenue less than € 500.000
  • You have received less than € 1.000.000 in funding
  • Your company is tech-based

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