Teamleaders new packages: what's in it for you?

Soon we will be launching three new packages, as well as changing the way our product is priced. This page is meant to show you in detail how these new prices and packages came to be. It's important to us that you know how we work, since transparency is one of our company's cornerstones. You'll find all info you need right here.

  • Billed yearly (save 15%)
  • Billed quarterly

Teamleader's new packages


All the essential tools you need to save time and simplify your work. You’re good to go.


/ user / month
Minimum 2 users

Contacts & Companies
Deals & quotations

Support via email & phone

Integrate all
your favourite tools 


Kick your business up a notch with these must haves for your team. Let’s move.


/ user / month
Minimum 2 users

Everything in GO +

Project management
Budget and profit calculation
Digital work orders
Time tracking

Support via email & phone

Integrate all
your favourite tools 


The complete package to match your advanced needs. Boost your business.


/ user / month
Minimum 2 users

Everything in MOVE +

Resource planning
HR and holiday management
Advanced statistics
Support tickets

Priority support
via in-app chat

Integrate all
your favourite tools

All functionality




Manage contacts and companies
Follow up on sales opportunities
Create and send quotations and invoices
Digitally sign and accept quotations and invoices
Products and materials
Calendar, teams and task management
Time tracking
Automated invoice reminders
Project management, profit and budget management
Mobile work orders, delivery notes, order confirmations
Resource planning
HR settings and holiday planning
Support tickets


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I want to switch to a package

Find out which package fits your needs and what you'll pay.

Switching to a package will be possible from February 3rd. You will be able to do so via your Teamleader license page.

Choose the features that you need:
  • Contacts and companies ?Manage all contacts from one digital database everyone can access smoothly. Add and fetch customer information easily and automatically, and save time on cumbersome manual labor.
  • Deals ?Maximise your sales potential by perfectly following up on every sales opportunity. Follow every deal from first contact to final invoice. Teamleader tells you exactly when to act, so you can close more deals faster.
  • Products ?Add and manage all of your material so you can create quotations and invoices without all the manual labour of entering each product again and again.
  • Basic invoicing ?Create and send invoices in a few clicks, or turn a quotation into an invoice. Make invoices in your own branding to look professional, and have your customers pay effortlessly online.
  • Tasks, calls and meetings ?Plan your work in one convenient calendar and schedule tasks, meetings and phone calls for yourself and your co-workers.
  • Automated invoice reminders ?Create automatic payment reminders that keep your cash flow healthy with zero effort.
  • Subscriptions ?Set up recurring invoices or subscriptions and never look back: Teamleader makes and sends the invoices automatically, and always on time.
  • Time tracking ?Effortlessly track time on everything you’re doing.
  • Invoice tracked time ?Use one of our multiple time tracking options to record the time you spend on tasks and meetings, then easily transform your timesheets into clear and correct invoices.
  • Work orders ?On your way to a customer? Enter your mileage, working hours and materials used in the app, and add everything to one PDF. Your customer can sign on the spot.
  • Project management ?Break your project up in milestones and tasks - and you're off. Assign different tasks to different people, and receive a notification when they’ve been completed - ideal for busy project managers.
  • Profit and budgets on projects ?Get a crystal-clear overview of costs, revenue and profit per project. At any time during any project, Teamleader also offers clarity on your people’s performance and shows you in detail if you’re within timing and budget.
  • Orders and order confirmations ?Communicate clearly with your suppliers thanks to orders and order confirmations, so your stock is up-to-date at all times.
  • Delivery notes ?Send your customer a delivery note so he knows when he can expect your delivery to arrive.
  • Teams ?Divide your organisation into teams and assign someone to manage each one. You'll see your business flourish.
  • Grant access rights for users ?Manage which data your co-workers can or cannot see. Limit their access to certain deals, contacts or companies so they only see their own responsibilities.
  • Ticketing ?Stay on top of all customer questions and manage them in one practical central inbox. Employees can answer the question, add attachments or assign the ticket to someone else.
  • Resource planning on projects ?Divide the work of a project between the right team members. See who is available and who needs to get some work off of their plate.
  • Holiday planning ?Manage your company's general holidays and the vacation days of your co-workers.
  • Project cloud ?With the Project cloud platform, you can let both freelancers and customers check on the status of a project, review documents and give feedback. Customers can also view scheduled meetings or contact your employees.

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The in's and out's of Teamleader’s new packaging (and pricing) approach.

On February 1st 2020, we are changing the way our functionalities are bundled and offered. We’ve made it more simple and clear. With this blogpost, we want to give you insights in how this new approach came to life. It’s important to us to share our process with you, because we believe in full transparency. One spoiler: you yourself were a key player in this decision.

Lead-to-cash software, in 3 packages

Meet our new packages: GO, MOVE and BOOST. These 3 packages each have a different combination of features. Based on the needs of different types of small businesses, and each with its own added value.

What they have in common, though, is this: they all offer a simple solution to simplify the work of small businesses, from lead to cash. This lead-to-cash process is something that every entrepreneur cares most about: from the moment you come in contact with a possible customer up until your invoice actually gets paid. And everything in between.

We set out on a journey to get to know you, our customer, even better. How you use Teamleader, which features you use most often and how you value them. All of this research and all of the customer interviews led us to a deeper understanding of the way you experience and use our software. And to a new packaging approach. 

Goodbye modules, hello features!

This research helped us to see which Teamleader features are valued most. Simultaneously, we did a ‘Jobs to be Done’ survey. This helped us to see which ‘jobs’ you are trying to get done using Teamleader.

What does this mean for you? Read more

This clearly showed us something interesting: we have been talking about the modules of our software (CRM, Project management, Invoicing) but you don't actually think along these lines. What most customers need, are specific combinations of features across the borders of  these modules. Feature sets that you can use to solve a specific issue, digitise a specific part of your process or to get a specific job done. Like saving time on administration or looking more professional in the eyes of your customers. 

So moving from modules to features sets, with a simple price-per-user was the key insight from all our talks. That lead us to our three new Teamleader packages: GO, MOVE and BOOST

In short, our new packages combine specific features, based on customers needs we detected during our research, rather than separate modules. Choosing the right package for your business, in the current moment in time and with your current needs, will get you the highest value. And there's always a solution for future needs, if your business takes a next step.

GO, MOVE, BOOST. What’s in it for you?

We created three packages tailored to the needs of any SME.

  1. Our GO package contains all the essentials a company needs: a way to manage contacts and companies, follow up on sales opportunities and create and send quotations and invoices in their house style. From first contact to a paid invoice? Check! The GO package is available from €50 per month including 2 users, with €25 per extra user.

  2. For businesses that need that little extra to kick their business up a notch, we have the MOVE package. It contains everything from ‘GO’, but offers ways to make your lead-to-cash process even more efficient: become the best at managing projects, track your valuable time and invoice it, send out automated reminders for those invoices and use an easy calendar to plan tasks, meetings or calls. For those working on the road there’s work orders on smartphone and tablet to keep track of hours, materials and distance. The MOVE package is available from €60 per month including 2 users, with €30 per extra user.

  3. Want more? Meet BOOST. If you need people and resource management for larger projects, holiday planning and HR settings for your team and advanced statistics and insights, then this is your solution. This option also guarantees you premium and priority support with live in-app chat. The BOOST package is available from €80 per month including 2 users, with €40 per extra user.

In all three packages, you can make use of the Teamleader mobile app, so you can also simplify your work while you’re on the go.

Check out the full feature list per package on the top of this page to see what suits you.

The Teamleader Marketplace: at your fingertips in every package

We are aware that businesses use numerous other tools to support other processes than the lead-to-cash process. We believe it’s key that you can connect these tools seamlessly with Teamleader. That’s why the Teamleader Marketplace is still at your fingertips. Thanks to this Marketplace, you can connect with over 200 other tools and apps that make your work easier and more efficient. No matter which package you have.

What does this all mean for you?

  1. First of all, nothing has to change to your way of working. If you’re already a Teamleader customer and don’t want to change anything, don’t worry. Your workflow can stay entirely the same. You can stick to your current set-up and to continue the way you currently work.

  2. Secondly, the price. Since 2016, our pricing has remained unchanged. Even though the value of Teamleader increased heavily by adding innovations and new features. And there’s a lot more to come. That’s why we decided to adjust our prices as from February 1st, 2020. On your next renewal from that date, 10% will be added to your subscription fee. And new users will be available for €15.

  3. Important: nothing changes until your first renewal after February 1st! Only then will this change be visible to you.

Want to switch to a new package? Here’s how:

Do you want to switch to one of our new packages? Feel free to start thinking about it. You find all the package details here. Switching will be made available early 2020. We will reach out to you then.

Already have some questions? Call or email us at +32 9 298 06 32 or and we'll help you out.


I would like to keep my current setup. What should I do?
Nothing! It's that simple. For you, as a current customer, nothing changes. You'll be able to enjoy Teamleader and all of its updates just the way you do right now.
Which package should I choose?
Based on the list of all functionality at the top of this page you can see which package suits your business best. If you need help deciding, don't hesitate to contact us via the form below.
I believe I could benefit more from Teamleader than I do now. Could someone help me?
Absolutely. It's our goal to help you get the most out of Teamleader and to simplify your work. One of our colleagues will gladly plan an online video session to help you. You can contact us via en we'll help you out.
I just renewed my subscription. What happens now?
Nothing changes until your first renewal after February 1st. From that moment on you can choose to switch to a new package or to stay on your current plan. If you choose to stay on your current plan, your subscription fee will increase by 10%. Adding a new user will cost €15. Your new subscription fee will go into effect from the first renewal after February 1st 2020.


Mail or call us at or +32 9 298 06 32 and we'll help you out!