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On this page, you will find our mission statement and logo downloads.
Please take a moment to learn how to use these assets correctly for your use case.

Our mission statement

We have three versions of our mission statement: a one-liner, short and long version. Pick the one that fits best.

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Available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch. Contact us if you would like to receive this in a different language.

  • Long
  • Short
  • One-liner
Teamleader helps you and your team work smarter so your small business prospers. Since Teamleader allows you to take charge of operational essentials, you can focus on projects and relationships. Bringing CRM, project management and invoicing together with an intuitive software solution, Teamleader enables your team to collaborate, organise and build your business.

Our logo

Whenever possible, always use the standard positive CMYK/PMS/RGB logo. When the logo is placed on a background (in the Teamleader mint or teal colour), always use the reversed version of our logo.

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Teamleader Logo
Teamleader Logo on mint
Teamleader Logo on teal

Clear space

We have defined clear space that surrounds the logo which is indicated with the height of the letter ‘m’ from our logo to ensure we maintain its integrity. Nothing can enter this clear space.
Teamleader Logo Clear Space

Minimum size

The standard logo can never be printed or reproduced below the size of 25 mm. It can never be used below 100 pixels for digital and screen applications.

Our symbol

Our origami symbol is the standalone version of the Teamleader logo. Use this icon when the standard logo isn’t an option because of size or format restrictions.

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Teamleader Origami Icon Teamleader Origami Icon Mint Teamleader Origami Icon Teal

Clear space

We have defined clear space that surrounds the symbol which is indicated with a 15% margin based on the size of the mark to retain its integrity. Nothing can enter this clear space.
Clear Space Icon square